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Welcome to Ocenzy,  the fastest growing multi news website around the globe.

Ocenzy was started two years ago , it has quickly become the digital news source for the emerging generation of business leaders, reaching more millions monthly readers. Ocenzy is one of the fastest growing media platform of India. In a short period of time, Ocenzy has become a leading source of  news on the internet. As Ocenzy continues to expand its readership, it aims to provide in-depth reporting and redefining the digital media with the constant innovation.

At Ocenzy readers get amazing synergy between India and its foreign counterpart – News that has great appeal and relevance for Indian readers.


Authentic : Through our expertise and voice.

Connected : Through meaningful relationships with our audience & partners.

Passionate : About enriching people’s experiences with tech.

Driven : By a fierce commitment to always elevate the experience, Approachable: Providing a relatable path to knowledge & discovery.

Fun : We love what we do and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

 Ocenzy has a mix of cutting edge business and technology happenings, entrepreneurial initiatives, creative exchanges, lifestyle concepts and leadership insights. Ocenzy features the country’s business heavyweights, ranging from start-ups to veterans across industries. Over that, we also cater to advances in the Indian technology space, automobiles, gadgets, entertainment and travels.

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